Monday, March 1, 2010

I is for Inspiration

Now everyone knows what inspiration is. It is when something or someone gives you the courage and ability to do something that you dreamed of doing but now you have someone or something to do it for. I will be talking about some of the different types of inspiration. There is human inspiration, Self inspiration, and memorable inspiration. These are the three different types. I will give you a little idea of what these mean in this paragraph and go into more detail in the next paragraphs. Human inspiration is when there is someone you are doing it for. Self inspiration is when you are doing it for yourself. Finally memorable inspiration is when there is an object that you see and it makes you remember your past and that is why you are here.

To start off the explanations I will start with human inspiration. As I said earlier it is when there is a person in your life that made you come to this point and that is who you are doing it for. An example of human inspiration is the Olympic gold medalist Alexandre Bilodeau. His brother is the biggest inspiration in his life. His brother is older than him and is mentally handicapped. Alexandre felt that if he won the gold medal he would be doing for his brother.
Now you may think that sounds silly but if you think there is probably a person an athlete perhaps that you dream of following or making them proud of you. Also most of the worlds greatest athletes have a person that they want them to be proud of. Human inspiration I would have to say is the best way to inspirate yourself. Next time your playing a volleyball, basket ball, or soccer game and your losing think of that person or athlete and just go nuts.

The next one I'm going to talk about is self inspiration. Have you ever wanted to win something for yourself so that you could say that I won that, so that you could say that I did that myself? Yes you probably have. We all have that secret desire to be the best that we can be and so that everyone knows that you are the best. Like Canada! Fourteen gold you think we got those because we felt like it no, we did it so the whole world would know that this is our country. If they play in it they lose in it. Think about when was the last time you wanted to win in gym class come on i know there is people out there that are like that. It's ok it just means that you have a great ability to self ins- pirate yourself. All that matters is that if you think you can do anything you probably can.

The final kind of inspiration I would like to talk about is memorable inspiration. If you think it sounds silly that someone is doing this for a little doll or emblem that someone important gave them and why they gave it to them your very wrong. Think about it hockey lovers if your favourite hockey player gave you his stick and said
" win the Stanley cup when you are in the NHL"
Would you just flop and your bed and say
I highly doubt you would you would get up try hard and with the right state of mind you will win the Stanley cup. Some of you my think that inspiration does nothing you are wrong some of the worlds greatest minds or athletes use inspiration to get them to where they are today.
Objects can have a powerful effect on humans. The way this works is that the object is so important to you that who ever gave it to you meant for you to do something. So every time you see it you remember that you have to do that thing. After you complete that quest to win or gain that thing you wanted so badly that object will make you happy. Every time you see it you will think that, that object got you to where you are today.

I hope everyone learned that inspiration is one of the most powerful effects on humans. When you find your special inspiration you can go very far. Inspiration can make you complete unimaginable tasks. So find your inspiration, use it to your advantage, and complete you lifetime goal.

LIFE LESSON: Inspiration is there you just have to find your own.


  1. Some great lessons and examples for your readers Jordan. Is there something that inspires you? In school? In sports? In life?

  2. Jordan this is one of the best blogs i have ever read. You really are a great writer and I hope you stay with it. It was very inspiring. Great blog bro!!

  3. This is a great post Jordan!!!
    I really liked the way you layed out what you were going to be talking about in the first paragraph. It was also very orgnized throughout the whole post. Just two things I would work on would be spelling and punctuation. You also had a great Life Lesson.
    One of the best blogs I have read so far.
    Keep it up!!

  4. Wow!. Jordan this post is amazing! It really has inspired me to try harder on everything, and I really think your blog did a great job insipating me.
    It is very interesting and it also gives you lots of information on your topic, which I think would be extremley hard to accomplish!
    I'm being truthful when I say that I can find any major mistakes in this blog, and is probaly the best blog I have EVER read!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep up the good work!